Is the CowKühlerZ System easy to operate?

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The system consists of three components:

The Controller

Monitoring 24/7 the THI/Temperature Humidity Index in your barn and providing the perfect cooling strategy. 

The High-Speed-Fan

Delivering focused and variable speed air, that moves up to 30 mph with a fraction of energy used by traditional fans.

The Water-Cooling-Nozzles

Providing intelligent water cooling over the stalls that will not wet the bedding and increase lying time during hot days.

All three components build a precisely engineered system that keeps your cows comfortable and cool, providing a comfortably cool environment. 

All controllers are very user-friendly and allow for your individual adjustments; when to start fans when to reach full RPM and the duration of misting, all based on the temperature and the humidity of the barn.

This is what one customer has to say about their CowKühlerZ system,

“We installed our first Cowkuhlerz in 2017 and we were immediately impressed with the results. The air movement improved, the cows were more comfortable and the milk output stayed consistent on hot days. The fans are quiet, easy to install and don't take up a lot of space. In addition, the control panel is user-friendly and maintenance is minimal.”


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