It's November 10/2020 and it 26°C/79°F in Collingwood Ontario, This Farmer is able to focus on harvest while CowKühlerZ makes sure his cows are comfortable and cool.

Collingwood, Ontario

I had a fantastic conversation with this farmer from the Collingwood, Ontario area today. We were having a heatwave this week with temperature in the mid-'20s after lows below freezing and snow last week. While it's lovely for us humans to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, these fluctuations in temperature can wreak havoc on cows. Cows do better when it's cold, and it stays cold. Many health issues like pneumonia can result from these wide swings in temperature. That's why I was so happy to speak with this farmer today and hear his recount of how his cows are handling this heatwave.

Here is a recap of our conversation.

We were planning to winterize the misters in early November but life got busy with harvest and we didn’t get that done.

It’s the week of Nov 10th in Collingwood, Ontario and it’s 22 degrees. The fans going from 30% to 100% power and the misters (KuhlerZ nozzles) are coming on at between 11am and 2pm. The cows are so comfortable, they don’t even notice the fluctuation in the temperature because the CowKuhlerZ system is keeping them in their comfort zone.

Last week we had snow and we were closing up the barn…Having a system that is fully automated and controlled by the temperature in the barn means we can get on with the busy work of harvest an know that the cows are comfortable in the barn.

I can’t put a price on that piece of mind.

Last winter in December the fans would come on at 30% anytime the temperature in the barn went above 50°F. It would change the air, dry up all the condensation in the barn and we wouldn't even notice them running. We get benefits because of the variable speed all year round.

I know we made a major capital purchase and putting in the CowKühlerZ System in but the benefits were huge and immediate.

Wasted feed costs money when the cows don’t eat it. We used to throw away so much feed in the summer, now they eat everything we put in front of them, regardless of heat events.

We have less lameness because they were off their feet, Laying down and resting.

The overall health of the cows is way better, the vet comes less often.

When we put the water on in June 2018 and the fine droplets came on the cooling effect was proven immediately.

Our SCC did not jump up because of the mist from the mister. The bedding stay dry and the cows stay dry. The droplets are so fine, they evaporate quickly.  We have had our system in for 3 years now and we have less mastitis now because the cows aren’t stressed out from the heat and humidity. I believe the system helps keep the effects of humidity to a minimum. The way the system works to maintain the cows body temperature means the cows aren’t subjected to the damaging effects of humidity.

They are cool and comfortable, there is no fluctuation in our production. Three summers on, our DHI records show the system is working our average milk yield is very consistent even through the warmer summer months.  

I know we made a good decision to install the CowKühlerZ system."

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