What is an EC motor?

What Is an EC Motor?

EC stands for Electronically Commutated. It combines the best of AC and DC technologies to create a motor that has 93% efficiency. Simply speaking, an EC motor is incredibly efficient, much like the LED light bulb vs. a Watt light bulb. An internal VFD, direct-drive and brushless motor are some of the value-added features of the EC Motor.

What is an Electronically Commutated?  

It is essentially a permanent magnet, brushless DC motor that incorporates on-board electronics. The added electronics allow an EC motor to combine the best features from both AC and DC motors and then improve on them. For this reason, an EC motor is in a category of its own.

EC fans are highly efficient and pay for themselves through lower operating costs and extended service life by utilizing this technology. They also provide many operational benefits that are often overlooked. Once these attributes are fully recognized in North America, EC fans will become the next revolution in the air movement industry.

Why are EC Motors more efficient than AC Motors?

EC motors are electronically commutated synchronous motors.

No-slip between electrical rotating fields (stator) and mechanical speed on shaft (rotor) due to the permanent magnets. (Slip means that the speed of the electrical rotating fields is higher than the mechanical speed on the shaft.)  

Insignificant rotor losses, rotor magnet field, is created by the permanent magnets.

With an asynchronous AC motor, the rotor magnet field is caused by an induced current in the short-circuited rotor windings Losses. · All TMI external rotor motors are asynchronous AC motors (Slip)  

They are voltage controllable, so we say the motors are “soft” Higher Slip (Higher Losses)

Variable speed fans more effectively match airflow output with load requirements, adjusting speeds based on changing needs. This prevents overcooling and generates significant energy savings.

The variable speed drives enable fan speed to be adjusted based on operating conditions, reducing fan speed and power draw as load decreases. Energy consumption changes dramatically as fan speed is decreased or increased due to the fan laws. For this reason, a 20 percent reduction in fan speed provides nearly 50 percent savings in fan power consumption.

Reduced Maintenance—Since the fans are direct drive, there are no belts to change out, no fan bearings that need to be lubricated, and the motors include maintenance-free “lifetime lubrication.” Their integrated motors virtually eliminate fan dust.

EC fans will deliver greater, long-term energy savings and a better return on investment (ROI). While EC fans cost more, they generate greater energy savings and reduce overall maintenance costs, ultimately resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership.

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