We don't have metabolic health issues anymore, CowKuhlerZ has made a huge difference.

Ottawa Ontario

Metabolic issues due to heat stress can have a severe impact on dairy farms.  See how CowKuhlerZ has impacted this operation near Ottawa, Ontario.

"Metabolic issues (like Ruminal Acidosis, ketosis, twisted stomach and milk fever) just don’t happen anymore. Metabolically we don’t have any issues anymore after installing the CowKühlerZ system the late pregnant and early lactation cows are healthy and performing very well. This is a significant improvement and has had a great impact on our operation.

Our somatic cell count has stayed where it always was prior to installing the CowKühlerZ system. The addition of the fine droplets over the stalls has had no effect on our somatic cell count. The droplets evaporate quickly and the stalls don’t get wet. The cows are lying in their stalls where we want them.


We have had a significant improvement in our instance of Fall Lameness. We used to treat about 10% of our heard and that’s down significantly to about 3%. That’s a benefit that we weren’t expecting but that can definitely be attributed directly to the CowKühlerZ system.

Preventing Heat Stress has had a ripple effect on our operations. The difference wasn’t immediately noticeable but over the course of a few years they become very apparent. It’s a full circle, the cows are more comfortable they are performing better and we are a more successful operation because of our decision to go with CowKühlerZ."

Ottawa, Ontario                                     

CowKühlerZ is a complete formula that works to limit the effects of heat stress on dairy cattle.  It does this by maintaining core body temperature.  Monitoring the THI in the barn or holding area and adjusting itself automatically to suit the conditions.  Keeping the cow in her thermal comfort zone is the best way to prevent the detrimental effects of heat stress. By proactively manipulating the conditions based on the environment, the damaging effects of heat stress can be minimized or prevented.

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Cows being cooled