I have plenty of fans in my barn; why do I still have heat stress issues.

It is a scientific fact that a fan alone does not offer cooling once the ambient air temperature rises above 26°C/78°F. Once it's that warm, fans just move hot air around. To provide cooling water must be added to the equation. The evaporation of water causes a chemical reaction that creates a cooling effect.

This one of the areas where a CowKühlerZ system outperforms "just a fan."

As the ambient temperature rises, the KuhlBlu fan's variable speed goes from 33% to 100%, offering cooling through air movement. Once the fans are at 100%, there is no longer cooling from air movement alone, so the intuitive controller injects an ultra-fine droplet into the focused airstream. These droplets land on the cows' coat. As they evaporate, it creates a chilling effect on the blood flowing below the surface of her skin. This chilled blood is pumped around her body and cools her Core Body Temperature.
Maintaining CBT within the thermal comfort zone is how CowKühlerZ prevents the effects of heat stress.  

Humans sweat to regulate their body temperature. Cows can't sweat the way humans do, so CowKühlerZ creates an imitation sweat for her. The ultra-fine droplet is timed, so it has time to evaporate in the airstream before it soaks either the cow or the bedding. For example, the fan may be on at 100% for 5 minutes and the mist on for 45 seconds. This gives time for the evaporation of the droplets to occur. These times can all be adjusted to suit barn types and geographical locations.

We have many customers that will attest to the fact that the bedding does not get wet. Their SSC does not rise, they don't have a rise in mastitis, and the cows are maintaining production throughout the hottest months of the year.

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