Quebec Farmer experiencing great results with CowKühlerZ in Tie Stall Barn.

80 cow, Tie Stall operation near St-Louis De-Gonzaque QC

On a recent visit to Quebec, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing CowKühlerZ customer and learn about the impact the complete system has had on his operation.  June 2020 is their third summer with the system and they are noticing incredible differences in their herd. 

There is no drop in summer milk production at all. Their production levels maintain the same month and month out regardless of heat events.

In June 2018, during the installation of the CowKühlerZ system, there was an intense heatwave. Production dropped 1,000 litres in 2 days on the third day of the heatwave; the installation was complete, and the system was fully operational. He saw an immediate difference in cow behaviour, and the milk production recovered to the previous level. The results were instantaneous; he knew that he had made the right decision.

Since installing the CowKühlerZ system, the production stays at the same level no matter what, and the cows are eating all the time. They are no longer heat-stressed, so their dry matter intake remains high; they continue to ruminate and continue to produce milk. Interestingly, the butterfat has gone up 0.2%. The only difference in their management is the CowKühlerZ system, so they attribute the increase in butterfat percentage to the CowKühlerZ system.

They have a temperature sensor on their milk machines, which gives the real-time temperature of the milk as it enters the pipeline and passes through the system. Before the CowKühlerZ system, they would get alerts that the milk temperature was higher than 39°C, often throughout the summer. Since installing the CowKühlerZ system, the milk stays at 37°C; the alarms have not gone off in the two years since the CowKühlerZ system installation.

This is interesting because milk is the same temperature as the cows' blood and body temperature. If her core body temperature remains around 37°C, which is ideal, her milk temperature should be about 37°C. This proves that the CowKühlerZ system is working to maintain cows' core body temperature within their thermal neutral comfort zone, maximizing performance and cow comfort.

Before installing the system, their vet was very concerned that they were not making a good choice. Over the past three years, the vet has come to the farm and seen the system running. He has completely changed his mind about it. One day, when he was pregnancy testing the entire herd, he commented on how cool the internal temperature of the cow was. He said, "That's a good system; keep it on." 

When the electrician came to install the system, he told the farmer that there was absolutely no way these little fans would make any difference in the barn and that they would do what was he was told that they would do. The farmer continued with the installation. As the electrician began powering up the fans and turning them on you could see the shock in his face, he couldn't believe that this little 25-inch fan was moving so much air and doing it so efficiently and effectively. He commented, "That's one powerful fan."

The CowKühlerZ system was expensive initially to install, but without a doubt, hands-down, it is definitely worth every penny. The cows are much happier and healthier. They're lying down chewing their cuds, the stalls don’t get wet and there are no drops in production. This farmer highly recommends this system to anyone who asks, and he is happy to talk about CowKühlerZ as it had such a positive impact on his operation.

Link to video taken May 26, 2020.

It was 84°F/29°C that day with 78% humidity, the KuhlBlu's are operating at 100% and the KühlerZ nozzles are injecting fine droplets into the focused it stream directly above the stalls. The timed mist is evaporating off the cows' coat chilling the blood that flows just below the surface of her skin. The bedding stays dry, the cows' core body temperature is maintained and they are performing well throughout this early season heat event.

If you would like to speak with this customer, fill in the contact form below and we put you in touch with them. For more information on the CowKühlerZ system call 1-844-GET-KUHL or email

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