Better air quality using less amps plus the added benefit of evaporative cooling

Near Titusville PA

On a recent visit with a CowKuhlerZ customer, I asked the question "What helped you make the decision to purchase the CowKuhlerZ system?"

His response was incredibly interesting. 

"We were maxed out on power but I needed more cooling.  This barn had 48, 52" panel fans in it and the cows were still suffering from heat stress.  I needed to add cooling for those really hot days.  The 25" KuhlBlu Fan runs on 3 amps while my 52" fans ran on 5amps of power.  The 48 fans were consuming a total of 240 amps I replaced those fans with 36, 25" KuhlBlu's using a total of 108 amps. I have better air movement, the added benefit of the water cooling over my feed bunk and stalls AND I have freed up 132 amps of power that I can use elsewhere on the farm. 

The cows are healthier, our production is maintaining and we took an aged facility and made it young again. The CowKuhlerZ system pairs very well with tunnel ventilation, I highly recommend it."

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3 amps