CowKühlerZ offers the same cooling using up to 73% less water.

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CowKuhlerZ offers the same cooling using less water.

Dairy farms commonly mount nozzles above the feed bunk that spray cows with water to combat the effects of heat stress events. These sprinklers use potable water, which is an increasingly scarce resource on farm. It's a fact; fans alone do not provide cooling; fans circulate already warm air and offer little to no relief on hot days. To achieve cooling water must be added, the question is, how much water is needed?

According to an article published in the Journal of Dairy Science, research has shown that cows that have access to water cooling can result in milk yield increase, on average of 3.3 to 3.7 kg/24 hrs higher than cows that don't have access to evaporative cooling measures. Interestingly, 1.3 L/min cooled cows as efficiently as 4.9 L/min.  

The lower flow rate achieved an equivalent reduction in core body temperature and increase in milk yield, despite using 73% less water.


The study compared three treatments: 

  1. sprinklers that delivered 1.3 L/min (3 min on and 9 min off, 24 h/d)
  2. sprinklers that delivered 4.9 L/min (3 min on and 9 min off, 24 h/d)
  3. An unsprayed control.


  • Compared with the control, sprinklers resulted in 0.3 to 0.7°C lower body temperature.
  • There were no differences in body temperature between 1.3 and 4.9 L/min treatments.
  • When cows had access to 1.3 or 4.9 L/min sprinklers, milk yield was, on average, 3.7 and 3.3 kg/24 h higher, respectively, compared with the control.
  • Despite using nearly 4-times more water, both sprinkler flow rates, 1.3L/min and 4.9 L/min had similar effects on cattle responses to the heat load.
  • 1.3 L/min was as effective as 4.9 L/min for reducing body temperature and increasing milk yield.


Observation made:

During the heat of the day, 50% of cows at the bunk line were standing in the soakers, not eating.


Interesting Fact: 

In many areas, a sprinkler system will probably operate eight to 12 hours per day and from 100 to 150 days per year. According to rough calculations, about 151,416 L or 40,000 gallons of water would be consumed to sprinkle 100 feet of bunk line. A system that uses 1.3L/min would use a quarter of the water of a soaker system.


The CowKühlerZ System comes into a league of its own in this scenario. The intuitive controller is continuously monitoring the conditions and adjusting itself accordingly to provide the best cooling and maintain cows' core body temperature in the thermal comfort zone. At maximum operation, it is using approximately 1.6L/cow/hour. The ultra-fine droplet travels through the focused airstream and lands on the cows' coat. 

As these droplets evaporate, they cause a chemical reaction which causes a chilling effect. The blood flowing close to the surface of her skin is cooled. As this cooled blood circulates, it helps to maintain her body temperature within its thermal comfort zone effectively. The intuitive system adjusts itself accordingly to be continuously providing the maximum benefits to the cows.


Hers's what a customer has to say,

"We made the choice to go with the CowKühlerZ system because we knew the only way to cool is by adding water. The system works great, it does 3 or 4 things at once! It does it all and I don't even need to think about it. It's definitely about working smarter not harder, use technology to make life less labour intensive. The system does it all. The water comes on when it's needed, the variable speed runs according to the temperature, everything happens seamlessly. The cows are cool, chewing their cud's while laying content in their stalls. Cow comfort is at an all time high."

Farmer near Woodstock ON


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