Dry cow cooling has had a major impact on our farm.

Norwich, ON

A comfortable resting area needs to be dry and cool, however the composting pack generates heat and moisture. This farmer is having great results cooling his pack area with a CowKühlerZ system.

"Cooling our dry cow pen, has been one the most effective place to cool.  Keeping heat stress down is important in the dry cow pen. Our Dry cow pen is a bedding pack area and the bedding pack is so dry now. Since putting in the system the pack is dry, the cows lay where we want them and the air movement is great.

Even in the summer when the water is coming on the bedding pack stays dry. The mist is so fine, the droplets are so tiny. There are droplets on the cows but the cows aren’t wet, the pack doesn’t get wet. On a summer evening you can see the tiny droplets hanging in the air, floating, suspended in the airstream. Its quite a sight, until you see that its difficult to realize how fine those droplets of water are.

The ambient air temperature of the barn is noticeably cooler, when we walk in the barn it’s like walking into a fridge. We made the choice to go with the CowKühlerZ system because we knew the only way to cool is by adding water. The system works great, it does 3 or 4 things at once. It does it all and I don’t even need to think about it.  It’s definitely about working smarter not harder, use technology to make life less labour intensive. The system does it all. The water comes on when it’s needed, the variable speed runs according to the temperature, everything happens seamlessly. The cows are cool, chewing their cud’s while laying content in their stalls. Cow comfort is at an all time high.

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