Our Holding Area Cooling System works almost year round and the results are great

Halifax, PA

This farmer near Halifax PA decided that cooling her holding area would give her the biggest bang for her buck. She was happy to share her results with us...

“Before we notice that it’s warm the automation has already begun, the fans come on at 30% and cool the cows while we are still bundled up in sweaters and gloves in cooler months.  The Holding Pen system takes all the worry of heat stress in that area off my mind because the system is programmed to run during milking times and shut off after milking is finished.  I don’t need to worry about the parlour labour staff forgetting to turn the system on or off, that just happens automatically.  That peace of mind is priceless.”

 “I never thought cows might be experiencing heat stress in February,” she says.

 “I don’t have to run around looking at the thermometer and turning on fans,” she adds. “It’s nice to have something looking out for the cows.”

“As a note of special interest, we used to have to go into the pens and coax the cows to the holding area for milking, now the cows run to the holding area even on the most hot, humid days. Its fun to watch them kick up their heels and gallop to enjoy getting cooled down in the Holding Area”

 “With the old system, cows didn’t want to walk into or out of the parlor, but now, we actually have cows running to the holding pen and parlor because they want to be there,” she says

“I really enjoy that the system is fully automated. Often in the spring and fall before we even notice that it is warming up the CowKühlerZ kicks on and keeps the holding area at its optimum temperature. This takes all of the guesswork out of when heat stress is an issue early and late in the season.”


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