CowKühlerZ offers Heat Stress Prevention

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Precision heat stress prevention

CowKühlerZ offers Precision Heat Stress Prevention

CowKühlerZ- is a complete Core Body Temperature (CBT)cooling solution that works with your current ventilation system. Research has proven that evaporative cooling is the most effective method of heat abatement. The complete CowKühlerZ system works together seamlessly to monitor the conditions in your barn and then adjusts itself automatically to provide your cows optimum comfort in their stalls where you want them, chewing their cuds, being content and making milk. Preventing heat stress before it ever occurs so heat abatement strategies become a thing of the past.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say…

” It’s an automated system without any extra bells or whistles there’s very little maintenance and it works seamlessly. It starts when it’s needed and it stops when it is not needed”

and another customer says...

“The system is fully automated which is a real bonus. The THI in the barn is being monitored 24/7 and the system adjusts itself automatically. No matter how busy our day gets we know that the cows are being kept cool in their stalls. We can focus on what needs our attention because the CowKühlerZ System is working to keep the cows cool. That means a lot to our operation.”

“Before we notice that it’s warm the automation has already begun, the fans come on at 30% and cool the cows while we are still bundled up in sweaters and gloves in cooler months.”

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