According to my calculations the system will pay for itself in 7 years in electricity savings alone.

Farm near Elora, ON

See what this farmer has to say about his "Cool Results" as a CowKühlerZ customer...

"According to my calculations, the CowKühlerZ system will pay for itself in seven years with energy savings alone. That’s at today's cost of power, which we all know is just going to keep going up. 

The energy savings are fantastic! They run when they need to run, at optimal speed and they don't run when they aren't needed. The motors are direct drive and very efficient. They use minimal power at start-up and run quietly. 

At full speed the CowKühlerZ fan uses 3 1/2 Amp/per fan, a regular fan would be using 6 Amp/per fan or more. The KühlBlu fan blows farther and uses much less energy than a 52-inch panel fan. 

Panel and basket fans run for too long and too fast for nothing most of the time, they run at 100% capacity or nothing at all. The CowKühlerZ system, with its variable-speed capabilities, adapts to provide the right climate for the cows and it’s fully automated. I don’t have to do anything. That's a huge benefit to the system.

We did a lot of research into energy sayings before we made a decision but we know we made the right decision for our cows and our operation."

A farmer from Wellington County, ON

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