Heat Stress can cause a Vicious Cycle.

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One of the most obvious effects of summer heat stress is reduced conception rates. Most farms expect and sometimes plan for low summer conception. Poor conception means more days open and fewer productive days.

Farms may expect poor pregnancy check results through September and even October, but the real impact on reproduction is felt the following spring. Cows that should be coming fresh in March or April are now freshening in June and July.

Not only do those cows miss out on the ideal milk-producing temperatures, but they are also calving during the higher heat stress period and struggling to reach peak production during the warmest part of the year. The impact of heat stress on reproductive performance can quickly become a vicious cycle.

CowKühlerZ offers a solution to heat stress that will have an impact on summer conception rates. Research has proven that evaporative cooling is the most effective method of lowering a cow’s core body temperature. 

The 25” high-velocity fan with a very focused airstream combines a timed, fine mist that evaporates before soaking the bedding. This is all controlled by an intuitive controller that continuously monitors your barn. Offering you peace of mind that your cows are being kept comfortable and cool at all times. Holding Area Systems are comprised of all the same components but offer cooling in the most stressful area of your barn without a worry, adjusting to the conditions seamlessly.

If lower summer conception rates are a concern for you and you would like to learn more about a cooling solution, contact a representative at 1-844- GET-KUHL or fill in the contact form below.