Holding Pen Installation in Portugal

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Cows in the holding pen
The KuhlBlu shipment
The fans installation begins
Making great progress on the install
The fans are going in.
The installers
The cows are waiting to try it out.

Martin is busy this week onsite in Portugal for a holding area install. 

The farm is located east of Lisbon, they are currently milking 400 cows with plans to expand to 500. The farm is undergoing an upgrade boasting some of the newest cow comfort technology. 

The holding pen is an area on the farm where cows can be under the most heat stress, it can take up to 6 hours. CowKuhlerZ uses an intuitive controller designed for the holding area that monitors the temperature humidity index of the pen and adjusts fan speed and a fine mist accordingly.

In this area of southern Europe temperatures for 90 days are typically above 30 degrees and 30 of these days are over 40 degrees. 

It will be interesting to follow this farm over the next year.