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Keep cows cool and resting when the climate gets hot.

The high velocity and variable speed of the KühlBlu Fans will lead to less standing and more resting, a simple recipe for better health and productivity.

The very powerful KühlBlu Fans are built around the latest technology EC-Motor, generating a focused, powerful airflow, up to 35 mph, and providing maximum cooling while being highly energy efficient.

At 60 ft. distance the 25"-KühlBlu still reaches 5 mph velocity, greatly reducing the total number of fans needed per barn.


  • 0.92 kW
  • 1~200-277V, 3~200-240V and 3~380-480V
  • 400 - 1,200 rpm
  • 24.5 kg


  • 3.10 kW
  • 3~380-480V
  • 270 - 680 rpm
  • 99.5 kg

Variable speed fans are often considered as potential sources for stray voltage. Due to its ultra-modern design, the VFD is integrated into the KühlBlu-Motor, which is further equipped with powerful line filters, preventing any stray voltage escaping and causing discomfort or harm to your cows.


If you would like to receive a fan spec-sheet follow the link and we will be happy to send it to you. http://cowkuhlerz.com.pages.services/request-fan-spec-sheet/?ts=1567764618043