Heat stress = Lameness?

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signs of lameness

From the Elanco publication, "Heat Abatement"

Contributing authors: Tom Bailey, DVM, MS, ACT | John Sheets | David McClary, DVM, MS, ACT Scott Smith, DVM | Allen Bridges, Ph.D.

"... Heat stress in the dairy cow impacts several body systems, resulting in severe and interrelated effects that can negatively impact a number of physiological and production parameters.

... Cows experiencing heat stress are more susceptible to lameness and laminitis. If cows are suffering some level of rumen acidosis associated with heat stress, they are more prone to laminitis. Because respiration is easier when standing compared to lying down, cows tend to stand more during heat stress, putting additional pressure on feet and legs. Cows housed in free stall barns may perch or stand with all or front feet in stall to ease breathing in times of heat stress.

... Heat abatement provides economic returns to a dairy, regardless of herd size. Potential benefits include a decrease in lameness, an increase in reproductive efficiency, a decrease in rumen acidosis, a decrease in other health-related events, and a potential decrease in the number of cows leaving the herd prematurely."


If you would like to receive the full research paper Elanco - Heat Abatement, follow the link http://cowkuhlerz.com.pages.services/research-documents/?ts=1567709926023