Holding Pen Cooling

Dotterer Dairy relieves holding pen heat stress (4)

Power Cooling where your cows need it the most.

Cooling your cows in the holding pen is essential!

The holding pen is the place with the highest heat stress level on a farm. Not only are the temperatures high due to radiation, the humidity often exceeds 90% as cows dissipate heat by respiration.

This leads to severe heat stress situations during times when heat stress is typically not expected, like in fall and spring.

The CowKühlerZ System monitors the climate continuously to provide optimum comfort in the holding pen at all times. The system's controller will automatically manage the fans and nozzles during the milking time, providing the best cooling possible. In between milking times, it will shut the fans and nozzles off, saving you water and energy.

The KühlBlu Fans provide powerful cooling with airspeeds up to 30mph!

A mix of air and water is pushed forcefully between the bodies of the waiting cows, cooling them not only at their heads and back, but reaching out to their flanks and bellies, were traditional fans are not reaching.


A report in Progressive Dairy covered the observations of our customer Dotterer Farms after installing the CowKühlerZ-System in their holding pen ...

According to White, the first summer with this cooling system put it to the test. “It was a really brutal summer,” she notes, yet despite the heat, she observed less significant drops in performance. In particular, reproduction was strong for the season.

One thing White has learned since installing the automated system is that heat stress happens in the holding pen on days when she didn’t necessarily expect it. “I never thought cows might be experiencing heat stress in February,” she says.

On the warmer winter days, when temperatures peak up in the 50s or 60s, the temperature probe in the pen activates the first level of cooling to kick in. White considers this to be a major benefit of the system. “I don’t have to run around looking at the thermometer and turning on fans,” she adds. “It’s nice to have something looking out for the cows.”

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Dr. Karl Vandevender is a professor - Extension engineer with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, Little Rock says:

Cows that are cooled in a holding pen usually produce 1.7 to 4.0 pounds more milk per day than cows that are not cooled in the holding pen.

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