CowKühlerZ made a big difference in this Tie Stall Barn.

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Tie Stall barns often see the biggest result from CowKühlerZ

Don't think CowKühlerZ will work in your tie-stall barn? Listen to what this tie-stall farmer has to say about his experience with CowKühlerZ.

This farmer near Woodstock ON put CowKühlerZ in this spring. Their barn has a 6' ceiling and many obstacles like posts and pipelines. The difference in the barn was immediate.

He says "During the month of July 2019 we went on holidays, had a relief milker and a week of 34°C weather. Because of the CowKühlerZ system there was no drop in the cows performance during this stressful time." "The milk pickup was down less than half a litre per cow per milking, I can live with that. The next week we were right back where it normally is. We pride ourselves on our consistency of always shipping the same volume of milk week-in week-out.  This is the first summer we haven't experienced drops due to heat stress. We are incredibly happy with the CowKühlerZ system"

If you would like to speak with this farmer about his experience with CowKühlerZ follow the link and he will be happy to contact you.