The CowKühlerZ System™

Precision heat stress prevention.

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Precision heat stress prevention

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The CowKühlerZ System continuously monitors the cows' environment, then providing precisely and automatically the best type of cooling. It encourages more resting, ruminating and milk making while improving summer conception and hoof health.

The CowKühlerZ System is a precisely engineered system, that increases the cows' comfort and prevents heat stress by

  • monitoring the THI 24/7
  • precisely controlling the variable airspeed
  • keeping the airflow very focused over the cows
  • providing a very high velocity when needed
  • adding intelligent water cooling, without wetting the stalls

While operating, the CowKühlerZ System is working quiet and highly efficient, saving energy and water.

Solutions are available for


Each CowKühlerZ System consists of the three elements


If you would like to receive more information about the CowKühlerZ cooling system follow the link below and we will be happy to contact you.