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Prevent heat stress year-round

The CowKühlerZ System is:     

Dry Cows Oakwood

Are there benefits of Dry Cow cooling?

According to studies…

Tie stalls can provide excellent cow comfort, but the right design is important! Many pre-existing structures have low ceilings, causing stagnant air. The 25-inch CowKühlerZ fan is small enough to fit in most tie stall barns, but powerful enough to cool 10 cows with an airflow of more than 8 km/h (5 mph).

Prevail stagnant air

Low ceilings are causing stagnant air in many pre-existing structures…


Every hour lying means up to 1,7 kg more milk/cow/day!

The StallCooling System prevents…

Bed Pack

Cool in the summer, dry in the winter

A comfortable resting surface needs to be dry and…


Precision heat stress prevention