Bedded Pack Cooling

Bed Pack

Cool in the summer, dry in the winter

A comfortable resting surface needs to be dry and cool,
however the composting pack generates heat and moisture.
That is an issue of significance, requiring powerful cooling
in the summer and evaporation of the accumulating
moisture in the winter.

The CowKühlerZ System is a solution to both situations:
    •    24/7 THI monitoring and self-regulating system
    •    summer mode for maximum cooling
    •    variable speed
    •    energy efficient winter mode to fade away moisture
    •    quiet and energy efficient
    •    blasting up to 60 ft. distance at 5 mph

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Less standing more resting!

A simple recipe for better health and productivity.

Providing a comfortable, dry resting surface for lactating cows is the single-most critical success factor for managing a compost bedded pack barn

Reported benefits of compost bedded pack barns include more cow comfort, enhanced cow cleanliness, little upkeep, better feet and legs, lower somatic cell count, more heat detection, improved manure management, higher production, boosted longevity, minimal investment expenses, minimal odour and fewer flies.

Fresh air is important

The composting pack generates additional heat and moisture. That is an issue of significance, especially in summer. 

  • The CowKühlerZ System continuously monitors the cows' environment, including the relative humidity, then providing precisely and automatically the best type of cooling.
  • The variable speed KühlBlu Fans will keep the cows cool and resting when the climate gets hot.
  • The KühlerZ, our innovative water cooling system, delivers precise, perfectly-sized water particles directly on the cows' coat.
  • These water particles evaporate -with the body heat- into the air. The bedding does not get wet!


If you would like to receive more information on bedded pack cooling follow the link and we will be happy to contact you.