Holding Pen Installation in Portugal

Cows in the holding pen

Martin is busy this week onsite in Portugal for a holding area install. 

The farm is located east of Lisbon, they are currently milking 400 cows with plans to expand to 500. The farm is undergoing an upgrade boasting some of the newest cow comfort technology. 

The holding pen is an area on the farm where cows can be under the most heat stress, it can take up to 6 hours. CowKuhlerZ uses an intuitive controller designed for the holding area that monitors the temperature humidity index of the pen and adjusts fan speed and a fine mist accordingly.

Canadian Outdoor Farm Show 2019

Team CowKuhlerZ

COFS2019 was an excellent show.  A huge thank you to Embro Farm Systems for having us in your booth and being such a great dealer. Steve Peters did an amazing job setting up the CowKühlerZ system complete with controllers and mist.  It was great being able to showcase how the system works, especially when it was 33°F on the second day of the show!