CowKühlerZ offers the same cooling using up to 73% less water.

CowKuhlerZ offers the same cooling using less water.

Dairy farms commonly mount nozzles above the feed bunk that spray cows with water to combat the effects of heat stress events. These sprinklers use potable water, which is an increasingly scarce resource on farm. It's a fact; fans alone do not provide cooling; fans circulate already warm air and offer little to no relief on hot days. To achieve cooling water must be added, the question is, how much water is needed?

Heat stress during the dry period impacts more than the cow.

newborn calf


According to a recent article in Hoards dairymen,

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"Climate impacts her next lactation, the developing calf, and subsequent generations,"

When it is hot outside, the future of your herd is impacted — and that is not just while the temperature is elevated. Geoff Dahl, University of Florida, has extensively studied heat stress, especially in dry cows and the long-term impacts on the cow and her offspring. He shared his findings and other research in the webinar “Heat stress affects dry cows and calves.”