CowKühlerZ offers Precision Heat Stress Prevention.

The Formula

You might be asking yourself, what exactly is CowKühlerZ? Well, we do one thing and we do it better than anyone else because it is our focus! Precision Heat Stress Prevention. 

We offer a solution to minimize the effects of heat stress in dairy cows. Most other systems on the market today offer Heat Abatement, which is reactive, meaning the cow is already suffering some level of heat stress before they are activated. 

Heat Stress can cause a Vicious Cycle.

preg testing

One of the most obvious effects of summer heat stress is reduced conception rates. Most farms expect and sometimes plan for low summer conception. Poor conception means more days open and fewer productive days.

Farms may expect poor pregnancy check results through September and even October, but the real impact on reproduction is felt the following spring. Cows that should be coming fresh in March or April are now freshening in June and July.

Fall Lameness can be the result of summer heat stress.


We all know that cows like it cooler rather than warmer. During periods of temperatures greater than 19°C or 68°F, cows begin to feel the effects of heat stress. To help cope with this heat, cows stand to allow more of their surface area to disperse heat into the air. Although cows are tough, their heavy bodies cannot withstand long periods of standing. Summer is also the peak season for flies and pests, cows tend to stand, group together "bunch" to combat stinging and biting insects with their swishing tails.